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Who We Are

Autumn Rain
Co-creator, Artist, Organizer

Autumn Rain is an artist and activist in DC, the author of several extremely hot takes on social media, and the creator of the comic book Descension.

Jenn Montooth
Co-creator, Storytelling Coach, Executive Producer

Jenn Montooth is an activist, storyteller, and writer based Washington, DC. She received her MA in Public History from UMBC, where she studied the Black Power Movement. She is a trained storyteller from Second City. She has told stories for Story District and Story Collider.

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We started this show together in January 2019 after we were tired of womxn's health stories being deemed "too dark" for other storytelling platforms. It was time to great an inclusive space of our own. We have an absolute blast creating these events and building our network of incredible people.

Putting on these shows is a ton of work, and it takes a lot of people to help out. Thank you, we couldn't do it without you!


Aiden Korotkin

Olly Swyers


Ian Enright

Deanna Del Ciello

Lydia Thompson


Michael Webermann

Danny Baldwin


Elisabet Eppes

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